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The science behind Maine’s extreme rainstorm and why we can expect many more like it

Wednesday’s rainstorm dominated Maine headlines, setting a daily rainfall record in Portland with nearly 6 inches of precipitation and pounding Searsport with nearly 10 inches. Resultant flooding across the state of Maine, cutting off roadways and reaching almost as high as the windows of passing cars, was well documented. But for those who are still pumping out their basements […]

‘They don’t head bang past the cage doing the air guitar,’ but great white sharks do love heavy metal, researchers say

Almost every summer, there are a handful of reported great white shark sightings in the Gulf of Maine. And while many of these are later written off by experts as likely cases of mistaken identity — basking sharks can look very similar to great whites to the untrained eye — those same experts agree great whites are almost certainly […]

Should pumpkins join blueberries and potatoes as a signature Maine crop? New fall map tracks the gourds

When most people think of Maine’s signature crops, they think of blueberries and potatoes. The other food items that quickly come up are lobster and maple syrup, although they’re obviously not harvested the same way. But could an argument be made for pumpkins to join that proverbial Mount Rushmore of Maine food staples? The gourds certainly […]